One of the missions of Living Water Wellness is to be able to offer holistic health + healing guidance to ALL who are seeking the path to true wellness. This ministry aims to help us tap into the intrinsic, God-designed healing potential, woven into the framework of our amazing bodies. We do not do the healing; our bodies heal themselves by themselves according to the Creator’s perfect design. Our approach is simply to spread His simple truth and encourage others to implement this within their life so that they can truly be well. This has been God’s plan for His creation since the garden, nurturing and caring for our bodies without confusion, and in turn truly LIVING well. We want anyone who needs the support of Living Water Wellness to be able to benefit from our services, regardless of financial standing. The heart of our mission is to support ALL who are seeking holistic health + healing.

In order to keep Living Water Wellness alive and vibrant, we humbly welcome your prayers and donations!
Thank you for supporting our mission.